December 1, 2017

Young and Resilient Living Lab Tool Kit

Digital Capacities Profile Tool

This tool enables us to capture users’ abilities to mobilise material and symbolic resources in order to maximise benefits, opportunities and aspirations afforded by the digital. Because capacities are never fixed and our individual and societal-level needs and interests constantly change (as do technologies), the Digital Capacities Profile enables geographically or population-specific tailoring and comparison over time.  This tool was piloted with Australian families (survey: n=2000) with support from a 2015 Western Sydney University Partnerships Grant (with support from Google Australia) and is ready to be adapted to measure digital capacities in other communities and contexts to leverage digital technologies for positive social change. The profile enables points of comparability between different communities across local, national and regional scales but it is underpinned by a user-centred, participatory process of generating bespoke indicators that can best capture a particular community’s digital needs.

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Online Community Consultation Platform

Launched in 2016, RErights is a collaboration between Western Sydney University and the
Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre (Australia), in partnership with Digitally Connected and UNICEF’s Voices of Youth, and a range of other national and international organisations. is a platform where young people are invited to share their
perceptions and insights about their lives in the digital age by completing a series of activities – or what we call Missions. There are a suite of tools and resources that youth-serving organisations can use to support children and young people’s participation in Missions and the platform supports more than 20 different languages.

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Digital Emotion Mapping Platform

We know that time and place profoundly impact wellbeing. Repurposing open source emergency response software developed in Kenya, the digital emotional mapping tool enables users to map their emotional responses to time and place, generating granular data about the lived experience of wellbeing. This tool crowd-sources community insights to map the emotional geography of specific sites, towns/cities and/or regions across time. This tool can generate information about how young people and others experience their wellbeing in Greater Western Sydney. This tool can be easily adapted and repurposed for a diverse range of contexts.

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Engaged Policy (EP) Toolkit

Now more than ever, policy must be developed in partnership with citizens and communities. This toolkit includes a process design and profile tool for exploring, assessing and co-designing strategies to address critical issues that prevent engagement from limited participation opportunities, to affordable housing and transport, to availability and use of public spaces and services, digital media, education and finance. Initially developed with a focus on how to boost engagement with young people in policy processes, the tool kit can be adapted for specific policy challenges and particular jurisdictions. The toolkit supports communities, organisations or governments to collaboratively assess and design responses to policy and practice challenges with diverse stakeholders.

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